Friday, 9 September 2011


Am just going to be adding pics.. Then do a little typing.. But the idea of the updates on the MBFW is just to let you see what is going on at the fashion week.

First its the FASHION LOVES MUSIC Contest.. I think this is when a designer is inspired by an artist to design. Designers are putting up their stuffs for the contest.. and this is what i can get for my people
 1st pic Inspiration: The boots are Made for Walking - Nancy Sinatra
 2nd pic Inspirational dress Inspired by Lady Gaga
 3rd pic 'Fancy' by Drake
 4th pic 'U got the look' by Prince

Keep it locked down on this blog..

UPDATE: The look inspired by Lady Gaga wins the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 'Fashion Loves Music' Contest! Dont forget to ff @MBFashionWeek for more updates

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