Friday, 14 October 2011

Love Me By Tiwa Savage

I just thought i should upload this video for you guys.. Great video, Great Styling.. Creative Act..
I want to ask my readers some questions but i think i should just start with this

How much do you think Wizkid worth? or lemme reframe it
If you are to ask him to perform in your show/birthday. How much do you think he will charge you?
With the MOBO Award Inclusive
A friend of mine who happen to be a presenter in London asked me this question and i thought i should ask you my readers.
Your free to say your mind. Thats the idea behind the question
TENO by ZaraGretti is set to be premiered in like some hours time lets say MIDNIGHT.. Please keep tab on her Twitter page @ZaraGretti for the link.

Big up to MTVBASE!

Thats all for now! 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The New Rules Of Weddings

Here at HaRKEN, we field wedding questions non-stop
So the team decided, we should state the essential do's and dont's

1. Ask your friends what they are gonna wear
2. Buy an affordable suit - Then splurge on the tailor
3. Get your balck lace-ups buffed instead of wearing patent leather
4. Leave your bulky wallet at home. Just slip cash, ID Card and Debit/Credit Card in your pocket
5. Ditch your jacket after dinner
6. Dance
7. Carry a lighter incase a lady needs a spark
8. Spend sometime hanging out with the old folks, soaking up their wisdom

1. Rent a tux (Waste of cash)
2. Wear a Cummerbind (Way out of Style)
3. Rock a zary bow tie with golf clubs (or boobs) on it
4. Show up Underdressed
5. Give a toast if you're wasted
6. Take Esctasy
7. Pack your pockets with iPhone, Blackberry, Keys, Wallet etc It ruins the lines of your suit
8. Do the worm (Unless you're that guy)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Take This From HARKEN

Last Summer, I went for a day-time wedding, somewhere in EKO, and the guests were dressed so creatively. Right off the bat you could tell everyone came to have a good time and it added to the celebratory spirit of the moment

Here is the thing: You can look stunning in a tux, and a navy suit is always appropriate. But whether the wedding is at the beach, in the city, on a farm, or in someone's backyard, this is your chance  to really go for it.

And from a friends (female) perspective, when a guy knows how to stand out from the rank and file with elegance and confidence. Its totally a TURN-ON

So we decide to give out some rules.. But then, thats going to be in our next post. So keep checking for knowledge.