Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The New Rules Of Weddings

Here at HaRKEN, we field wedding questions non-stop
So the team decided, we should state the essential do's and dont's

1. Ask your friends what they are gonna wear
2. Buy an affordable suit - Then splurge on the tailor
3. Get your balck lace-ups buffed instead of wearing patent leather
4. Leave your bulky wallet at home. Just slip cash, ID Card and Debit/Credit Card in your pocket
5. Ditch your jacket after dinner
6. Dance
7. Carry a lighter incase a lady needs a spark
8. Spend sometime hanging out with the old folks, soaking up their wisdom

1. Rent a tux (Waste of cash)
2. Wear a Cummerbind (Way out of Style)
3. Rock a zary bow tie with golf clubs (or boobs) on it
4. Show up Underdressed
5. Give a toast if you're wasted
6. Take Esctasy
7. Pack your pockets with iPhone, Blackberry, Keys, Wallet etc It ruins the lines of your suit
8. Do the worm (Unless you're that guy)

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