Sunday, 13 November 2011


Hmmmm.. Like my friends on twitter would always tweet like they passing by.. So was I, some 3days ago. It was a boring class and i thought of checking my mails. Then i came across this message from a fashion site i subscribed to some years ago. And this time, what really attracted me to this mail is HOW HOT IT IS IN SAO PAULO! So i was curious about this and wanted to know for real with one question on my mind.. CAN IT EVER BE HOTTER THAN IT IS DOWN HERE IN LAGOS?

While reading this, I came across another topic. and it is 'STILL SUPER AT 80!'
I have always followed the trend of this particular person, but i never knew she would be talked about so soon. She attended the Mecedes-Benz Fashion Week/New York Fashion Week 2011, and was stunning in her outfit.

Quickly, Allow me to run over her profile for you before i tell you what i love about this woman.
Born June 1931, A model, actress, born in New York. She is known within the fashion industry for being the world's oldest working model as of the S/S 2012 season! C'mon, she covered Vogue at an early age of 15, and has been on the runway ever since.

From Italian and Hungarian Parent, constantly breaking up and getting back together and this made her stay and grow up in foster homes and sometimes with relatives

Enrolled in a ballet class at 13, Her godfather introduced her to VOGUE where she got her first contract.

Met Bill Miles in the early 1950s, had a daughter, Laura and divorced soon after

Met Richard Heimann, in 1958 and married him 6 months later, she decided to retire and he left her

Her third marriage was to a young architect, Richard Kaplan in the mid 1960s, and the marriage lasted for 9 years. But this time she was desperate to return to modelling in 1978 and continue to work till this day

In the 1980s, She met David Susskind, He died before they were married.

June 2011, She celebrated her 80th Birthday, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the university of the arts London in recognition of her contribution to the fashion industry a month after her birthday.

In the 1980s and 1990s, She lost most of her money in the stock market, and was forced to auction off her famous modelling photographs from the 1940s-1980s through Sotheby's

Then the heaviest was when she was swindled by Bernard Madoff in 2008. She was interviewed , April 2009 by Vanity Fair Magazine's story 'Madoffs World'

There's no better person that i have been talking about than the Great Carmen Dell'Orefice.

One thing that really got to me was how supportive she has been to the career of her husbands. She was the one who kept telling her second husband that he should become a cinematographer, paid for him to get his director's card (SDC- FARABALE on my mind), and he went to film GODSPELL, paid for an apartment for her father, put her mother through college and later bought her a house upstate. She's currently helping Laura

To the young, Dell'Orefice is an awe-inspiring mould-breaker, everything a supermodel should be - imperious and fearless. But the idea of being princessy appalls her. She was brought up to be frugal, make her own clothes. Whenever she and Suzy Parker, the Fifties mannequin who was one of Coco Chanel's favourites, went to Europe, they always took a sewing machine with them, so they could make their own evening outfits as the invitations rolled in. She's not sewing so much anymore because her dining table is full of papers.

She's a great inspiration. I've never been so concerned about her story until i saw that mail.

If there's anything i could wish for, well my brithday is close.. 25th November, well i wish for a dinner with Carmen..

Below are some pictures from this great personality!

Dear Carmen, We at HaRKEN love u


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