Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Featured: Post-Galliano Era and the Lesson Learnt

"Today [fashon design] is a real office job that goes beyond any normal conception of what time one should devote to work. I work 24 hours a day, essentially. I have to make a collection every two months. You have to be in shape; you have to be more athlete than football stars. When you go outside that world and meet the 90 per cent of society who have no clue what you're doing, you end up choosing to go back home with your friends. Or maybe you run away for ten days and party like an animal, and then it takes you ten days to recover and you hope nobody noticed. Today, excess has to be kept within the private sphere. But you know about my past and that I used to get high.

When I used to really use, *****, a guy found out, and he told me, "Well, Some Nigerian Acts made their best records when they use *****" That was maybe the last time I felt that there was a slight acceptance of what I was doing. Today that kind of stuff is just impossible. Without getting right into the dirt of it, John Galliano really kind of put an end to that sort of option."

The designer called the Galliano scandal, which saw him removed from the helm of Dior in March 2011, a "tragic situation, both for him and for the maison".

You have to come to terms with your responsibility and choices, If you're a guy who has his own little things going, you can do that, but then you can't expect to stand next to Charlize Theron in front of millions of people. If you stand on that stage next to Charlize Theron, you have to be able to stand up and talk coherently. Shit, if you can't even talk normally, and you arrive two hours late f**ked out of your mind just to leave after ten minutes after two glasses of wine, well, it might be best if you just stayed home.

"You can do what you want, at home. But when you go out, keep it together. Look, it was a tragic situation, and I'm not justifying anybody's actions. If I must choose sides, I might justify him, but I do so with sadness. It's just sad. I don't feel bad for him, though."

15 years of Hard-Work with Christian Dior lost just bacause of a single racist outburst influenced by the use of drugs

At HaRKEN, we are not perfect but we will never give chances to racists, rape, discrimination, drugs, physical outburst that we know about, except that its not within our knowledge but for real the management will visit the issue and will be sorted out accordingly just as Christian Dior has done theirs

Its a lesson learnt. Thanks and God Bless

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