Friday, 18 May 2012

Featured: Ray-Ban focus on the Eyes.

From the days of Bob Dylan recording in the studio, Tom cruise dancing sans pant in Risky Business, or the strokes wearing them on stage, to this present moment where every Nigerian Art wears it. It has become an identity for some aswell. But its good that we all know its undying appeal. We have to
look back at the heyday of american design, in the 50s

In 1952, Raymond Stegeman creative designer for Ray-Ban created Wayfarer. In an era where easthetics were paramount, the wayfarer stood out as a pair of sunglasses that instantly embodied that coolness that everyone was after. Yet it wasnt just the James Deans, Johin F. Kennedys, and Mohammed Alis of the world that flocked to Ray-Ban's designs. Everyone was picking up the shade to add a touch of accessible style to their summertime wardrobe.

As trends have faded in and out, the wayfarer has maintained a constant presence. Look around! Sure it'll disappear for a few months here and there, but always comes back as strong as ever. While the original design is inarguably timeless, Ray-Ban has recently begun to offer a few update models for the modern fashionable peeps, including slimmed down design, round and square versions, as well as a folding option. But dont worry, the original wayfarer is always available, so you can continually keep it classic...


Stay Blessed.

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