Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Featured: Anna Piaggi 1931-2012

Lagos, AFRICA - This afternoon, news got to me that Fashion Icon Anna Piaggi has died at 81. I went on twitter but couldn't say anything but i saw a tweet from Arieta Mujay mourning her and how much the fashion world is going to miss her. YES I concur. We are going to miss her.
                            I read about Anna Piaggi and her works last year, She is an inspiration, My study on Karl Lagerfeld who happen to be a mentor of mine led me to read about her story. She provided inspiration for Karl and is celebrated for her own eccentric style.

                             I remember, Piaggi's vibrant dress sense (theatrical makeup and funky hats) stands her out on the front rows of Milan and Paris runway shows. Piaggi is not only an inspiration to me but also a Talisman for all those around the world who believe that fashion is a way of life and that freedom of expression should manifest itself in what we wear.
                           Karl published a sketchbook of her creations and once wrote "Anna Invents Fashion".

Anna, The Fashion world will miss you, We will miss your inspiration.
Rest In Peace.

 Photo courtesy: http://www.guardian.co.uk

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