Monday, 28 March 2011

10 things women hate about male's wardrobe

1.Flip Flops:  If there's no beach within a 100 metre radius then men should never ever be seen in flip flops. Full stop. We wouldn't mind so much if there was a preparatory pedicure involved, but nothing turns a girl's stomach more than 'tramp foot'.

2. Low-Cut T-Shirts: A staple of the boyband wardrobe, low-cut T-shirts are the modern equivalent of the '70s medallion man style unbuttoned shirt favoured by peacocks, and poseurs. and quite frankly, we're not impressed. I can call a number of Nigerian Celeb commiting this crime.. Ednut Beware

3. Snazzy Jeans: They're stonewashed AND giving a man lady-bottom!

4. Vests; Every man who thinks they look good in a vest never actually does" reveals one anonymous vest-stabbing woman

5. Double/Dangling Ear-rings: Unless you are a rapper, one earring is pushing it. Two strikes and you're out.

6. Boots Over Jeans: Talking of pantomime pirate's.... Men should never, EVER, tuck their trousers into boots. You think you look like a cool, carefree male model. Reality check: you look more like Louie Spence

7. Short Shorts: Short shorts are unforgivable on any man, and yes Christiano Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand, that means you too.

8. UGG Boots: Ah, the Ugg boot. When women slip their feet into a sheepskin-lined pair, it's an instant ticket to sloth-dom. When men succumb (how their partners let them is beyond us) it's so disconcerting we start to question the meaning of life.

9. Short-Sleeved Shirts: Short sleeve shirts are the preserve of the pub casual. Team one with a tie and it's game-over. Boys, if it's hot, roll-up your sleeves

10.Leather Trousers: The ultimate wrongness, "Leather trousers are to men's fashion what Ugg Boots and pyjama bottoms are to womenswear - a 24ct no no." Yes, even if you're Brad Pitt.

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