Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fashion Tips: How to Rock U-TEES with Structured Jackets

I was discussing over  cup of coffee with some Fashionitas on how to make a suit jacket look less rigid. Its sure an interesting conversation, as we talk and talk for close to 2 Hours

Woke up the morning before thenm and all my shirts were very dirty, I was confused. Even as a designer, we need a stylist to help us out with out everyday wears. You cant be an island by yourself. I had a pink U-Neck, and a Yellow U-Neck Tee. I dont want to go out looking flashy, so i called on my stylist friends and ask them which to choose.
And they suggest I wear the Pink shirt and a Structured Jacket Over it.

Now, After the meeting, I made up my mind to write on how to go about wearing ur U-Necks

Wearing a T-Shirt simply makes a great Suit Jacket look less rigid, Less Uptight. I personally like to wearr a white loose-fitting crew-neck tee- or one of those U-Necks- but you can ger away with anything. Try a rock-band tee, a college tee, or a solid-color, and wear it with a structured jacket for a nice contrast.

Good News is, Since you're not wearing Jeans exclusively anymore. Good! Now its time we add some colored chinos to your collections of Pants. Just remember: If they're Baggy, You're going yo look like your wifey went shopping for you at *God Knows Where*

Instead Yours should be trim and tapered-and dont even think about Pleats

Then put on a good pair of Loafers

Let your feet show you're not all busines.
Am going to teach you how to buy loafers and how to pull them off

How to Buy Loafers: Ask yourself if the loafers you're looking at are closer to boat shoes or to lace-ups. If the Silhouette is slim and Elegant and the leather looks like it would respond better to a good shine than to a tough breaking in, you've found the right pair

How to pull them off: Go Sockless, Loafers are the perfect shoes to wear with a suit san socks-its that hint of playfulness no one can see until you sit down and flash some ankle

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